Columbia, MO Local 573-256-1991 Toll Free 877-669-4826 FAX 573-256-1992

Missouri's #1 Shuttle Serving the St Louis and Kansas City Airports
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Trip #Be Ready ByDepartArrive KCI
Trip 300Be Ready By 05:20 AMDepart MOX Office 05:30 AMArrive KCI 08:00 AM
Trip 310Be Ready By 07:20 AMDepart MOX Office 07:30 AMArrive KCI 10:00 AM
Trip 320Be Ready By 09:20 AMDepart MOX Office 09:30 AMArrive KCI 12:00 PM
Trip 330Be Ready By 11:50 AMDepart MOX Office 12:00 PMArrive KCI 02:30 PM
Trip 340Be Ready By 02:20 PMDepart MOX Office 02:30 PMArrive KCI 05:00 PM
Trip 360Be Ready By 05:50 PMDepart MOX Office 06:00 PMArrive KCI 08:30 PM

Passengers should arrive at the MOX Office by the time shown in the Be Ready By column above. The MO-X/Doc & Norm Direct vehicle will meet passengers on the south side of the MOX Office near the Main Entrance. The vehicle will leave promptly at the Depart time shown.

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Trip #Be Ready ByDepartArrive MOX Office
Trip 405Meet The Driver 08:50 AMDepart KCI 09:00 AMArrive MOX Office 11:30 AM
Trip 415Meet The Driver 11:20 AMDepart KCI 11:30 AMArrive MOX Office 02:00 PM
Trip 430Meet The Driver 02:20 PMDepart KCI 02:30 PMArrive MOX Office 05:00 PM
Trip 445Meet The Driver 05:20 PMDepart KCI 05:30 PMArrive MOX Office 08:00 PM
Trip 455Meet The Driver 07:50 PMDepart KCI 08:00 PMArrive MOX Office 10:30 PM
Trip 465Meet The Driver 10:20 PMDepart KCI 10:30 PMArrive MOX Office 01:00 AM

ALL Kansas City passengers will meet the MO-X/Doc & Norm Direct vehicle OUTSIDE Terminal C, in front of the American Airlines Baggage Claim entrance and the Terminal C Starbucks.. The vehicle will be parked at the Island curb. Passengers arriving at Terminal A or B may use the Free Red Bus to transfer to Terminal C.
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