Columbia, MO Local 573-256-1991 Toll Free 877-669-4826
303 Business Loop 70 East,Columbia,MO 65201
Missouri's #1 Shuttle Serving the St Louis and Kansas City Airports
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● You can open a Frequent Traveler Account by creating an Account ID and Password.
● You may use any combination of letters and numbers, and symbols (except : / \ * | ? " () [] {} <>) for each.
● Your Account ID must be unique; it cannot match an account which already exists.

● Your password should be something easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to know.
● Your First and Last Names must contain a minimum of 2-characters each. You may be required to show identification when traveling on your FTA.
● Please select and answer a password question. If you forget your password, our staff can use your answer to identify you.

● Trips booked prior to enrollment in the FTA program cannot be used to earn FTA points.
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